PH-T Series

Protective Closed Sheet and Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Enclosed Sheet and Tube Integrated Design


Fully protected sheet and tube integrated design.
One machine with dual functions, high cost performance, able to handle a wider range of cutting conditions, and ensures safe production.

Brand New Double-beam Bed Structure


Designed for high-efficiency processing needs
Self-developed stopper plug-in dual-beam design
Long-term cutting without deformation, ensuring stable equipment operation.

Suitable for a variety of focal lengths, the focus position can be adjusted according to different thicknesses. Flexible and fast, no collision, automatic edge finding, reducing sheet waste.

Auto Focus Laser Head


Independent Dual-screen Design


Adopts independent dual-screen design, simultaneously meets the cutting conditions for both sheet and pipe.
Real-time understanding of cutting conditions, safe, convenient, and efficient production.

Large diameter pneumatic chuck


One-button clamping, automatic centering
Pneumatic clamping, adjustable clamping force
Capable of cutting angle steel and channel steel
ModelDB-PH 3015TDB-PH 6015TDB-PH 4020TDB-PH 6020TDB-PH 6025T
Laser Power1000w~6000w
Accuracy Of Positioning±0.03mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.02mm
Max Movement Speed100m/min120m/min
Tube Size Rangeφ10-φ225mm,□10- □225mm

Specification Table

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