TL Series

Economical Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Wide range of pipe cutting


The equipment has a wide range of applications and can easily handle tubes of different specifications; It can cut round tubes, oval tubes, square tubes, D-shaped tubes, channel beams, angle beams, H beams, T beams, etc.

Small investment, big return


The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and it can be put into production quickly; The processing speed is fast, the cutting performance is powerful, and the tube processing is cost-effective.

Classic two-chuck structure design, surrounded by safety protection; Small footprint, large utilization of plant space.

Classic design, compact and practical


Pneumatic precision chuck


Pneumatic clamping, automatic centering, stable clamping; Special support frame to avoid sagging and deformation of tubes.

Optional automatic feeding system


According to the range and type of tube to be processed, a fully automatic/semi-automatic feeding unit can be selected; Save manpower, reduce labor intensity, and further improve production efficiency.
ModelDB-TL 6016DB-TL 6020
Laser Output Power1000w~3000w
Effective Cutting Diameter Of Round Tubeφ10mm-φ160mmφ10mm-φ225mm
Effective Cutting Diameter Of Square Tube□10-□160mm□10-□225mm
Positioning Accuracy±0.1mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.1mm
Maximum Simultaneous Positioning Speed110m/min
Maximum Acceleration1.5G

Specification Table

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