DB-LM Series

Fiber Laser Marking Machine


“Wide Range of Materials.”

Versatility is a hallmark of the DB-LM Series, showcasing its ability to mark a wide range of materials. This advanced machine is capable of handling metals, plastics, ceramics, and more, making it an essential tool for diverse industrial applications. The ability to work with various materials ensures that users can rely on the DB-LM Series for all their marking needs, regardless of the substrate.


“Suit Each Material”

The machine’s adjustable settings are another significant advantage. Users can fine-tune the laser parameters to suit the specific requirements of each material.

This customization capability ensures optimal results, providing high-quality markings consistently across different surfaces. The flexibility in settings means that the DB-LM Series can accommodate various textures and compositions without compromising on quality.


“Customization Capability Ensures Optimal Results”

Careful Approach

“Avoiding any Damage or Degradation”

Additionally, DB-LM Series is designed to preserve the integrity of each marked surface. The machine’s precise handling ensures that the original properties of the material are maintained, avoiding any damage or degradation. This careful approach allows for clear and precise markings, making the DB-LM Series a reliable solution for high-quality marking needs.


“High Quality Marking Solution”

DB-LM Series stands out for its versatility, adjustable settings, and ability to preserve material integrity. These features make it an indispensable asset for businesses requiring reliable and high-quality marking solutions across a wide array of materials.

Machine Configuration

  • SINO-Galvanometer Scanner
  • Fiber Laser Source 20-50 Watt
  • EZCAD Software
  • JCZ control system
  • High quality working table
  • Rotary chuck for cylindrical workpiece
  • Marking Area : 110 x 110 mm or 150 x 150 mm, or 175 x 175 mm

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